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Napat Saeung

Release Date:
Q3 2019 (to be announced)

(iOS/Android later on)


Regular Price:
PC USD $2.99
iOS/Android USD $0.99



JANUARY 10TH, 2019

Boxed Out, with its vibrant palettes and infinitely complex puzzles (that are easy to get, but difficult to master), is humankind’s greatest hope against boredom.

Use your intuition to guide Cubey through futuristic architecture and hand-crafted structure, while constantly improving your ability to progress through the enticing world of Boxed Out.

Like an alluring painting, each player’s perception of the game reflects a projection of oneself onto the narrative while also breathing life into an inanimate object.

Part of the fun is for you to figure out how to navigate through this ever-changing, polychromatic maze. It is a puzzle after all.

So next time you are on the brink of being bored, say, at an airport daydreaming about single-handedly saving the world, or at a dental office searching for a distraction. But don’t settle: Bored? Just Boxed Out!

Boxed Out (demo) is released for Windows/Mac/Linux.


Back in 2017, Boxed Out was just an idea to explore how best to deliberately design and develop a COTS (Commercial, Off-The-Shelf) puzzle game to not only be entertaining and intellectually stimulating, but also to be one of human beings’ most effective weapons against boredom.

With such an inspiring goal, a lot of research was done upfront through peer-reviewed articles written by top scientists in the field of social research and public health. Early research indicates that COTS video games do indeed have the potential applications in preventive and therapeutic medicine. In fact, this research (1) suggests incorporating COTS games as part of a therapy to promote wellbeing.

For example, this study (2) concludes that, for kids undergoing surgery, a video game is actually more effective at reducing preoperative anxiety than some medication, such as, Midazolam (3) which reduces anxiety by inducing sleepiness.

And these studies (4, 5, 6) have shown that some COTS puzzle games actually reduce stress, depression and even prevent intrusive memories after trauma. Some experts believe that the structure of video games may provide unique environment that normal therapies do not.

Boxed Out was created, from the ground up, to incorporate knowledge from various research projects into an amazingly ravishing puzzle game that was designed particularly for people looking for a video game that is more than just a distraction.

Fast forward to 2019, Boxed Out is more than just an idea, it is now a reality.

Join fellow humankind’s fight against boredom: Click here to download a free demo of Boxed Out!

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  • Stimulating puzzle design: Easy to get, but difficult to master.
  • Evolutionary adaptation: As game progresses, each level may slowly or abruptly evolve adding complexity to gameplay.
  • Handcrafted architecture: Each game level is carefully endeavored to represent a unique artistic theme.
  • Minimalist design: Only the barest elements without losing its essential purpose and identity.
  • For the perfectionist: Earn the maximum number of stars by minimizing the number of steps to complete each level.



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